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What is Judo

Judo translates to the Gentle Way. In 1882, Dr. Jigaro Kano having pulled from ancient jujitsu the best of its throws and grappling techniques and adding some of his own presented his new sport–Judo. more

First time on the mat

The dojo and learning a new sport can feel strange at first. Read here to better understand what to expect on your first day. From what to wear, how to bow onto the mat and other items. more

Practice Times

Workouts consist of stetching, conditioning and judo. We teach traditional and competition style judo. Sensei believes in having you go at your own pace. more

Forms and Links

All forms and links needed to begin Judo training at Ball State are located here. These forms must be completed before stepping on the mat. more


Become an active member of Ball State Judo and help create a culture of Mutual Benefit and Welfare. more

Donate to BSU Judo Club

Help the Ball State Judo Club achieve their goals by donating to the club. Goals set are competing at Collegiate Nationals and ... more

Ball State Judo Featured Stories

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Ball State Judo Club members receive outstanding honors.

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New Growing A Tradition...

Article by Drew Pierce

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Training with a USA Judo Olympian

Ball State Judo Club trains with Nick Delpopolo

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Spotlight - Judo: A Dynamic Motor Skill

Article by Elie A. Morrell, Shichidan

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Judo Conditioning is approved

Ball State Judo is on for conditioning class...